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Koh Samui Wedding Package

We believe that the people have the power to dream big, dream differently, while we have the power to make that dream a reality. At Bliss we believe that everyone is different and have different dreams when it comes to the Big Day! Hence it is vital that we understand our clients, reach and connect to the depth of their feelings and make them feel special while reaching out to their dreams and turning it into a reality. BLISS has organized and designed various Luxury Weddings in Samui and other parts of the Thailand. BLISS is professional Destination Wedding and Events Management Company who will make your ultimate dream a reality.
BLISS has elaborately created the desing and selected the place.Let's see what your lifestyle is.

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, and everyone wants the wedding of their dreams. Are you planning an elaborate destination wedding? We aim to help our clients fulfill their dreams of exquisite luxury weddings in one of the most desirable locations in the world. At Bliss, we offer Koh Samui wedding packages with a touch of luxury and elegance. Every one of you must have some specific plans and a vision for your wedding, and we help you bring the same to reality.

Koh Samui is one of the islands in the Gulf of Thailand, renowned for scenic locations such as jungle-backed beaches. You can explore many picturesque destinations in Koh Samui wedding packages by Bliss. Make the most of our experience in luxury destination weddings to create the wedding of your dreams in reality. The benefits of straightforward and transparent planning in consultation with clients help us offer Koh Samui wedding packages tailored to your needs.

Over the course of recent years, the search for beautiful locations for destination weddings has been increasing. Koh Samui offers some of the best spots for a wedding event with serene backdrops. At Bliss, we ensure that your wedding is not only about you but also about every individual participating in the celebrations. Take a look at our elaborate wedding location designs in Koh Samui and choose the best destination for your big day. Consult with our experts at Bliss and start preparing the plans for your dream destination wedding right now.


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Bliss Testimonial

Priya and Vish's wedding at Saii Laguna Phuket, Thailand

1 June 2022 | by Priya and Vish

Bliss Events planned the Indian wedding of my dreams.

Here is a summary of my experience:

Open and honest communication.

Khun Chatjuta was our planner, she was responsive, quick and informative about all things Indian weddings. We could text or call her at any time with a question and always felt at ease. Khun Peggy was also fantastic, we shared documents, pictures and ideas constantly and she was fantastic in delivering in the final result!