Bliss Team

Chat is professional, hardworking and at the same time carefree loving person in Bliss. She is the leader in Sales and Marketing for the company. With years of experience in events, she deals with clients in terms of sales and also marketing aspect of the company. Her main responsibilities are to market the company in the potential market area and sales various products and services to the clients. She is the main contact person when it comes to dealing with the clients first hand. She us the top key person who brings business to the company and help the company to leap forward in the event industry. Her hard work and dedication is the key power to the company's success.

Niteesh is young, energetic, events loving person in Bliss. He is under Chat and deals with clients in terms of sales and preparing marketing materials for the company. Along with it, he is also coordinating various onsite events and also dealing with clients from the very start to the end, ensuring a quality and high standard event.

Tam is creative, easy going, passionate person. He is the Marketing Executive, who deals with almost all the aspect of marketing medium for the company. He is the web designer for the company website, he designs various marketing materials and also design items for various events such as back drops, and all the digital products and service.

Yesmee is charming, young, enthusiastic person in Bliss. She is the events coordinator mainly focusing in Celebration such as weddings, parties, dinners or anything to do with celebration. Her charming ways to get the job done always pays off with big smiles on the clients faces. She handles events onsite with much dedication that every events has a happy ending.

Beera is young, beautiful, strong willed person in Bliss. She is the events coordinator mainly focused in incentive area. She loves the challenges which comes with it and deals with it in a very professional and optimistic ways. She handle corporate clients with her professional personalities and handle all incentive events in Bliss with outmost efforts and professionalism.

More is detail oriented, strong willed and hardworking person. He is the head of the Operation department and handles the operation side of all the events such as sounds, lights, stages, backdrop and more. His expertise and experience has drove the company to greater height. More is the person handling the logistic side of any events in the company. He and his team are very thorough with details and plan very professional ensuring high quality service.

Ball is energetic, outgoing and a team player. He is Operation Assistant working below More and with the operation team ensuring that all the logistic related work for the event is well establish and up to the standard of the company. Ball works closely with A and Park to fulfill clients expectation when it comes to the logistic area of the events such as the tables arrangement, lights and sound, stages and more.

Alice is the youngest member of the Bliss team. He is energetic and person who is always willing to help other. He is also working under More in operation department and support and working with A, park, Ball in logistic area. Alice responsibilities is to help the operation team in terms of logistic management.

Tang is Accounting manager who is very detailed about work. Detail oriented, easy going and hardworking characteristic makes him the experienced Accounting manager. The overall accounts is handle by Sam and he is the main person who handles the money matter of the company. He handles all the accounts for suppliers, clients and keeps the team up to dates regarding the payments and credit status.

Na is energetic, hardworking, optimistic, easy going, helpful person in the company. She is the most outgoing person in the company and she is the person who is in charge of the store rooms and office. She is the person who deals with the purchases of items and products for the office as well as the events. Without her the office would be a mess. She keeps everything organized at the office and also the store room. She helps to update the inventory and update all the staffs when there is an event, she helps to prepare all the items for the events. She is the one of the key player in the company with whom the company sores high.

Bliss Testimonial

Sherrie & Frank wedding at Conrad Koh Samui

15 September 2017 | Bride : Sherrie

We cannot thank Chat, Mie Mie and the Bliss team enough for making our wedding day perfect. The first time I visited Conrad for venue hunting I met Chat briefly and watched videos of many weddings done by her team, she seemed very professional and experienced, I knew then I would be in good hands. During the 8-9 month planning process, Bliss was extremely responsive to all my emails with detailed explanations and pictures to show. It must not have been easy dealing with a perfectionist Virgo like me but they were very patient with me and tried their best to accommodate all my requests and provided many valuable suggestions. Chat and Mie Mie made time out of their busy schedules to do conference calls and to meet me in person whenever needed. They met with me at least three times before the actual wedding day to lock down all the details. At the end Chat even offered complimentary upgrades like tablecloth and chandelier that match with my color theme to make my wedding extra special.